VP Marketing & Sales

Roni Stein

Roni joined the company in 1990. Roni has been the factory VP Marketing & Sales since 1993.
Roni has a vast experience including living in the US, managing sales teams and product managers. Roni possesses many talents and know how including languages,  printing technologies and methods.
Roni has a broad perspective of  studies including Marketing, Mediation  and Negotiations.

Graphics Designer

Anna Spivak‏

Anna joined the company in 2014 as a graphics designer.
Except high designing capabilities, Anna is in charge of customization of information and assimilation of products for all customers.

General Manager

Yariv Kolker

Yariv is the company's CEO since 2006. Yariv has  a deep and broad management experience working for leading Israeli companies such as Elbit.
Yariv, an Industrial Engineer, has a broad knowledge of the manufacturing and printing as well as computer systems. He led a reorganization in Rishton, while focusing on the company's core capabilities - Industrial Printing .
Yariv's moto - focus on the quality of the Human Assets to enhance the company's  capabilities and its employees.

Graphics Designer

Mazi Shiler‏

Mazi joined Rishton in 2016. As a graphics designer - Mazi brings a lot of knowledge and printing preparation. Mazi handles complicated printing projects as well as adjustments needed to combine conventional  with digital printing.

Factory Engineer

Gideon Siboni‏

Gideon, Rishton's Factory Engineer -  started working in Rishton in 1995. Gideon has a vast printing experience as well production methods.
As the Factory Chief Engineer since 2006, he is in charge of all products approval including design, materials and production method.

Products Pricing

Karin Assraf Cohen‏

Karin joined the company in 2007. Karin is in charge of products pricing and recommendations for production protocols.

Production Manager

Larisa Krim‏

Larisa joined the company in 1990.  Larissa started as production worker - working her way to up to be Rishton's Production Manager.
Larisa brings to the table vast experience and uncompromising efficiency.

Quotes Manager

Sima Dei‏

Sima is a new comer to Rishton.
Sima is graduate of Industrial Management Degree. Her roll is issuing quotes to customers while approving their specifications.

Logistics Manager

Silvi Bukris‏

Silvy joined the company in 1995. Silvy is in charge of orders confirmations and logistics.