Membrane Switches

we offer a variety of membrane switches, in both tactile and non-tactile variations, which support a wide-variety of designs and applications.
each membrane switch is specially configured for your product specifications. Industries we serve include medical equipment, computer peripherals, and the military and aerospace industries. This allows a user interface with equipment while protecting the machinery hardware. 
Our Membrane switches can be specifically engineered to meet your environmental considerations. Our switches are internally vented and sealed to protect your equipment from contaminants. Our membrane switches can also be provided with or without terminating connectors as well as.

  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Backlight (LED, fiber optic, EL)
  • Chemical and Weather Resistant
  • ESD/EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Various connector configurations

Membrane switch   layer ink recommended options:

Henkel-  Henkel  printed electronics inks product portfolio includes silver, carbon, dielectric and specialty inks such as positive temperature coefficient (PTC), transparent conductive and silver plated copper (SPC) inks:

Silver – Silver is the most electrically and thermally conductive of all metals and is used as the basis for many of Henkel’s conductive ink products. When combined with specific resin systems, Henkel silver inks can deliver better flexibility, crease resistance and longevity. These inks find uses in many different applications within numerous market sectors and are available in UV, solvent and formulations.

Carbon – Carbon inks typically complement silver inks, providing lubricity, protection of the silver surface and prevention of silver migration. When resistance for the functional part is required, Henkel carbon inks offer excellent performance and the portfolio includes products for a variety of PET films, paper substrates, membrane touch switches and rigid printed circuit boards.
Dielectric – Non-conductive, dielectric inks insulate multilayer circuitry to allow for circuitry crossover and multilayer applications. These Henkel materials offer excellent flexibility, humidity resistance and additional protection for improved strength and performance for multiple applications including desktop and notebook keyboards, copper-etched circuitry and hybrid circuits.