Laser & Die Cutting

Our Laser and Die Cutting services includes:
State of the art fully automated Laser cutting award winning machinery, with options for:
  • Cut - The range of possibilities is infinite and goes from simple technical cuts to complex filigree ornaments.
  • KISS CUT - Precise laser control allows to cut only the first layer of an adhesive without marking the backing paper.
  • ENGRAVE - Remove print and coatings to create stunning visual effects. Use on thicker materials to make them stand out and come alive.
  • CREASE - Keep the integrity of your print as the laser creases don't break the paper fibers on folding. Excellent for prototyping or even long runs.
  • PERFORATE - From Micro-perforation up to holding points: Choose the right perforation that fits perfect to the substrate and your demands

Traditional cutting machinery, with options for thick substrates cutting, embossing & perforating.
All cutting process are made with very tight tolerance in accordance to customer specifications.