Graphic overlays

when tight tolerances are critical Rishton will meet your exacting specifications.
Available in small quantities for prototypes or high quantities for large scale production.
Rishton Durable overlays withstand harsh outdoor and chemical environments  
Variety of materials and printing options offer functionality and durability as well as high quality visibility that adds to your products.

Graphic layer material recommended options:

LEXAN™ - For the graphics segment, a range of tailor-made polished and textured polycarbonate graphic film products under LEXAN™ film portfolio, helps deliver top quality performance and virtually unlimited versatility. These materials are characterized by outstanding optical clarity and mechanical strength, consistent printability and ease of processing. Available in a wide choice of standard and high performance grades, these products offer a variety of surface finishes and textures. 


  • True color reproduction
  • Excellent depth effect with no loss of vividness in second-surface printing
  • FDA / USP Class VI compliance 
  • Chemical resistance and weathering 
  • Easy formability
  • Easy formability facilitating large-scale production using IMD
  • Excellent printability without pre-treatment
  • Excellent clean edge die-cut ability Specialty textures enabling:
  • Light diffusion and no “hot-spots” in back-lit applications
  • Scratch and wear resistance
  • Brushed metallic look

AUTOTEX® - is a high quality textured polyester film, consisting of a base polyester with a flexible, chemically bonded and UV-cured textured coating.

  • Option of textures; Fine and Velvet.
  • Compatible with solvent & UV curing screen inks and many UV curing ink jet printers.
  • Embossing capabilities for membrane touch switch applications.
  • enabling clear windows to be incorporated on parts.
  • Extensive flex life of >5 million actuations.
  • Extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents.
  • Excellent color clarity when printed.
  • Tough and highly durable but tactile to touch.
  • Low gloss textures that are absolutely consistent across the film.

TEKRA ®  - Tekra  marnot  Advanced is a new generation of enhanced hardcoats for demanding graphic arts application. Features of Marnot Advanced Clear Polyester include:

  • Enhanced scratch resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding for embossing and die cutting 
  • Excellent chemical resistance to common household cleaners and industrial solvents
  • Second surface printability with solvent and UV inks 

Adhesive  layer material recommended options:

3M™ - High Performance Acrylic Adhesive is a popular choice, and industry standard, for graphic attachment and general industrial joining applications. It provides outstanding adhesion to metal and high surface energy plastics. This adhesive provides some initial repositionability for placement accuracy when bonding to plastics. It also performs well after exposure to humidity and hot/cold cycles.
  Up to 400⁰F short-term heat resistance 
 Excellent solvent resistance
  Excellent shear strength to resist slippage and edge lifting

Mactac™ -    Double sided filmic tapes 

Ideal for the assembly of a wide array of sub-assembly parts. Eliminates the need for metal fasteners or messy liquid glues.
Engineered for the most demanding bonding and laminating applications, double-coated tapes feature general-purpose and high-performance rubber-based and acrylic adhesives with polyester, polypropylene and tissue carriers.
With minimal increase in total product thickness, it provides lasting durability and long-term performance.

Ritrama - Mounting films simplifies the process of lamination of your graphic overlays materials and labels  to Plexiglas, clear plastics, glass and other similar substrates.
These mount films feature ultra-clear adhesives, coated to each side of optically clear polyester or polypropylene film. High quality release liners on both sides for polypropylenes and on one side for polyesters protect the adhesive layers conferring outstanding clarity to the adhesive layers