Durable Lables

We manufacture high-performance durable labels for all industrial environments and applications. Our experience allows in-house consultants to recommend the most effective label structure for your specifications, saving you time, effort & money.
Rishton Industrial labels not only ensure long-lasting durability, but also offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal plates or low-tech labels.

JAC® -  films display a high degree of tear resistance and tear propagation resistance. They also display relatively good ageing stability, water resistance and light-fastness, depending on the actual applications for which they are used. They are used for the production of high-quality labels for indoor and outdoor application.

Avery dennison® -  pressure-sensitive labeling materials for appliances utilize UL®- approved, proprietary face stock and specialized adhesive combinations that maintain performance through extreme temperatures, moisture conditions and UV exposure levels.
array of products for industrial use has a multitude of applications, ranging from high-durability labels for chemical drums to consumer goods such as car tires.

YUPO® –Because of its micro suction structure, it sticks to flat surfaces just like an octopus. It does not use an adhesive and leaves no sticky feeling on the application surface. its reusable,Simply clean the micro-suction side with water if the adhesion is weakened by dust.

  • Easy to stick on and easy to remove
  • No glue, no sticky feeling
  • Bubble-free 
  • environmentally friendly 
  • Variety of grades