Dome Labels

Dome labels are used for badging cars and other prestige products because they are more durable than any other sticker. Raised logo stickers can be produced in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs, and their plastic "" coating adds to their beauty and uniqueness.
Rishton Industries specializes in producing dome labels using highly advanced machinery which does not require human intervention. The printing project is programmed into the computer according to the client's specifications, and the labels are produced quickly and professionally to the highest finishing standards, under our careful supervision and with quality assurance guarantees.

Dome –
The most important ingredient. Our dome labels use polyurethane chemistry developed and manufactured by European world leader. The result is a bubble-free, clear, high-gloss, flexible lens that will outperform other domed labels often made of inferior epoxy resin that yellows, shrinks and hardens over time.

Print Image – printed using full-color digital printing with outdoor-durable inks or silk screen printing allowing for little or no color change even after years of full exposure to the elements.

Background – fade-resistant polyester or vinyl with options includes: white, sliver, brushed sliver, matte silver, holographic, clear, reflective and glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent.

Adhesive –our inventory includes a wide variety of adhesives designed for dome applications including permanent, heat-fusing, static cling, removable, textile, optically clear.

Liner – we use custom silicone release on the liner specifically for domed labels.